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North America (ie. Canada, Mexico, United States) is the world's largest marketplace generating $20 Trillion in annual activity which represents approximately 33% of the world's economy. Texas, as a result of our geography, pro-business legislation, and infastructure is the #1 exporting location in North America for goods and services listed in the Harmony Schedule- a numberical classification system. All goods and services in North America are listed in the Harmony Schedule for easy reference when seeking a good or service to buy or sell.

Everyday foreign-based consumers, businesses, and governments make purchases of goods and services directly from North American companies for use in over 190 countries without either party having to leave their place of business. These transactions are accomplished because of advancements in technology, association membership, and other forms of advertising that reach prospects internationally.

Texas Small Business Association™, popularly known as Texas SBA™, serves over 2.3 million companies engaged in all sectors of the Texas economy and facilitates international trade between North America and the world.

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