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Texas is the #1 location to recieve imports for North America (ie. Canada, Mexico, United States) with 27 official U.S. ports of entry and 32 official "Foreign Trade Zones" that facilitate pedestrian, rail, air, ocean, and truck freight. Additionally, over 90 foreign government consulates are present in Texas to aide their citizens with immigration, business, and social matters.

Approximately 33%, or $20 Trillion, of the world's $60 Tillion annual economy occurs in North America with the United States exchanging $17 Trillion per year. Texas, as a result of our geography, "pro-business" legislation, and infastructure receives goods from 190 countries to be sold throughout North America by businessmen and women.

Importing goods and services from a foreign nation is a simply process of locating the desired item with payment and delivery to follow. Texas Small Business Association™, popularly known as Texas SBA™, encourages international trade with Texas being the locale to receive imported goods and services for the North American market.

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