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Market Research and Reports

Our American Empire is a very complex corporation that may appear daunting to understand for those with an untrained eye. Learning to analyze market opportunities based upon risk / reward factors and other demographic data is essential to capitalizing upon your entreprenuerial spirit. Texas Small Business Association™ Membership is shown fresh market opportunities capable of enhancing their current sources of income through published market research.

Academicians mine North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) data alongside Harmonized System (HS) codes cognizant of the demographic and technological changes impacting society. These internationally standardized systems of names and numbers classify all traded products and services for the American economy and serve as the most fundamental basis for business. Deciphering what services and products are in demand and the communities lacking their availability are fresh market opportunities disclosed to Texas Small Business Association™ Membership.
Texas Small Business Association™ Membership
is a popular choice for many of the 2.1 million
firms doing business in Texas.

Small Business Facts

  • Over 97% of all Business is Small Business
  • Over 80% of all Business is Non-Employer
  • Texas has the 2nd Largest State Economy
  • Texas has the 4th Fastest Growth Rate for
     Woman Business Ownership in America

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We invite your company to join our organization and share this wonderful experience of being a Texas small business owner.

1: Texas Small Business Association™ Membership Terms of Service.

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