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Affirmative Action and Diversity Programs are a set of policies and practices within government or an organization that seek to increase their business partner representation for particular groups based upon race, nationality, gender, or other criteria which they consider under-represented. For instance, major corporations seek small business contracting partners; banks seek to increase their lending to minority owned businesses; and many organizations are eager to aide woman owned business expansion. Enacted by President Lyndon Johnson via the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and executive order in 1965, these initiatives have become mainstream by corporations and all levels of government.

For decades, Texas SBA® has awarded business certifications to small businesses and corporations that seek to participate in commercial diversity programs. Obtaining business certification from Texas SBA® is a straightforward application process initiated online and supported by fax or email document submission. Within a few weeks, depending upon processing time, you and your company may obtain business certification for entrance into the Affirmative Action and Diversity industry of the United States of America. Get Certified Today!

Documentation via Texas SBA® Business Certification gives you and your company evidence of your business ownership structure and credentials to participate in the diversity marketplace. Of course, no guarantees are provided that your company will be awarded a contract, business loan, or other financial benefit simply by possessing Texas SBA® Business Certification, but your chances for award and success may be greatly enhanced. Furthermore, serving as a family or community role model in business ownership versus employee-status does help advance your personal status in Texas and American society. Elevate your social and professional status via Texas SBA® Business Certification.

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