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Individuals and/or companies listed on the Texas SBA® Banned Companies List are deemed contrary to the public interest as determined by Texas SBA® Business Certification. Therefore, these companies and individuals are permanently banned from Texas SBA® Business Certification which is used statewide for Affirmative Action & Diversity Program participation.

For decades, Texas SBA® is an institution providing foundational support, business certifications, and resources during times of emergency, financial need, and economic prosperity. Texas is America's #1 State for Business & the World's 10th Largest Economy with annual sales of $1.8 Trillion & 2.8 Million Small Businesses.

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Texas SBA® Banned Companies List

July 18, 2024

1 Solar Solution (TxSOS Filing Number 0802310671) / Cesar Rodriguez

2025 Global Software Consultants, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0150624400) /
     Marvin McAnderson & David Hale & Frederick Towns, Jr.

221B, Ltd. (TxSOS Filing Number 803751797) /
     Lauren Mlodzianowski & Linda Mlodzianowski

2P Consultants, LLC.(TxSOS Filing Number 802822910) / Don Pool

3 Diamond Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802666208) / Veronica Cortez

4 Peaks Corp. (TxSOS Filing Number 803641418) / Jose Vela

A & N Insulation Services (Assumed Name Filed in Harris County, Texas) /
    Donicia G. Aguilar

ABA Floors, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802375466) / Ashley Arthur

ABM Restoration, L.P. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800395585) / Kimberly Robb

Accompany HomeCare, LLC. / Antonio Mata
     dba J-N-J Home Care Services / Antonio Mata

ACS Manufacturing, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 150589000) /
    Dan V. Knox, Philip Macha, & C. Randy Dews

Abilities Therapy and Consulting, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801736836) /
    Dana Eubanks

Above & Beyond Staffing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803349753)

Abstract Creative, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802653416) / Efren Cavazos

AC/DC Synergy Group, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801791902) / Sherry L. Metcalf

Access Harmony Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802049541) / Adele Givens

Action Window Coverings, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0031360800) / Jacqueline Perry

Adams Enterprises / Tansah Adams

Advanced Energy & Environmental Company 7G, Inc. / Hong Mei

Advanced Water Well Technologies, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801868115) /
    Catherine Livingston

Afia, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802148852) / Yassin Sibai

Ageless Envy, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802365767) / Chelsea Landow-Pesek

Agile Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 802081475) /
    Narayan Kudumula

Albanese & Associates R.E. Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802147279) /
    Angelica Albanese

Allied IT Systems, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802273683) /
    Karen Fauth & Tommy Fauth

All American Awards (Assumed Name / DBA) / Deborah Dodson Wheaton

All Color Press of Texas, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 145094100) /
    Farida Khemani, Ramzan Charania, Abdul Khemani

All Star Sanitation Services

Alga Processing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801870688) / Tedjo Liman

Alonos Corporation (TxSOS Filing Number 0802256021) /
    Dale Albrecht & Maria Albrecht

ALT Services, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0160394600) / Julie Nooner Forte

Altered Construction Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803918870) / Annabel Eads

Alexander, Dean Darwich (Texas State Board of Accountancy License T07097)

American Multifamily Builders, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803662410) /
    Leandro Amorim

American Integrity Courses, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802644485) /
    Valerie Lynn Joglar

AMP Architecture, PLLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802803402)

Anadark, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0804026342) / Jaymes Cudjo

Andrel's Trucking Construction

Ann Steele, LLC. / Ann Steele

ApexPoint, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803625784) / Nada Alonaidi & Manhel Alawadi

Aptlogix, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802848522) / Devaraj Narayan

Archer Custom Designs, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802237112) / Rachel Malone

Aries & Allies, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803607986) / Jessica Aries

Arts Alive!, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0134306400) / Tina Sabuco

ASA Management Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803912761) / Asad Khan

ATS Operations, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802765718) / Edna Hinojosa

Audio Optical Systems of Austin, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0121520600)

Autosol, Inc.

Avéro Advisors, LLC. (Tennessee Corporate Charter 081359126) /
    Jordan Kilgore & Abhijit Verekar
    512 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville, TN 37801

Axiom Telephone Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801179893)/ Dennis Snavely

B&C Transportation Services

Banda Capital Estates, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803329314) /
    Ricardo Banda and Concepcion de la Cruz

Basic Idiq, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800831234) / Richard Barrick

Barbara Palmer Life Coaching Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803712753) /
    Barbara Palmer

Best Blue Print, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801483300)

Benito Escobar Electric, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801665787) / Josephine Escobar

Bexar Lighting Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803012853) / David Rodriguez

BFT Trucking, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802469047) / Glen L. Ford

Bishop & Valderas, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803361887) /
    Kimberly Bishop & Luis Valderas

Big Dog Express Trucking, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803772198) /
    David James Lott, Sr.

Biomedical Start-up Consulting, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803242793) /
    Cherie Grishin

Black Swag Inc.com (TxSOS Filing Number 803947265) / Victor Ondre McGlothin

BluDiamond Transportation Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803677386) /
    Tasha E. Robles

Blynn Metal Crafts, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801797701)

Bob Peckham & Associates, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0048032700) / Michele Rhoten

Bravura Dansu Productions / Mikala Curless

Brawner Paper Co. (TxSOS Filing Number 0013831500) / Nell Harris

Buena Vista Turf Farm, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802633011) /
    Luisa Selman & Mike Selman

Business Rising, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803839398) / Javier Hernandez

C & C Oil Recycling, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803884539) / Conitra Ivey

Cable News Network (CNN®) (TxSOS Filing Number 0004812906)

Callie Cleaning Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803576501) /
    Demetrius Gatson

Carbon Reprographics, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802824588) /
    Shahela Siddiqui & Mubashir Siddiqui

Carrion Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802654368) / David Carrion

Cash Details Cars / Joyce Ammons

Cato-Price Enterprises / Glynn Price Jr.

CELEBS, PLLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802034831) / Demetria Walker

Chapa Services / Brissa M. Chapa

Chocolate Secrets & Wine Gardens, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802655138) /
    Pam Eudaric-Amiri

Cimone Key Creative Studio (TxSOS Filing Number 0802308554) / Cimone Key

Citi-Air Service, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801647545) / Charlie Igbonoba

Clean Surface Janitorial Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 080210858) /
    Cletis Byrd

ClearBlue Chemical, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802525790)

Clinton Maintenance and Plumbing, LLC. (Nevada Charter # E0283422015-2) /
    Sebastian Armani & Sandra Armani
    H Town Plumbing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802547608) /
    Sebastian Armani & Sandra Armani

Coastal Environmental Technologies, Ltd. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803552040) /
    Richard C. Silva, Jr.

Collaborate Construction Company, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803696263) /
    Deborah Campbell

Community Traffic Stop Training, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0804191721) /
    Tommy Tisby

Confection Perfection By Melissa / Melissa Stone

COSECAS, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0804194067) / Marissa Monsivais

ConstrucTX, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0804223543) /
    Rachel Nicole Duncan & Jacob Wade Mccown

Corbitt Services Group, LLC.

Cowboys Enterprises, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802523492) / Victor Castro

Crain Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800380604) / Phillip Crain

Cure Cleaning, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803896720) / Brandon Orr

D2D IT Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803176740)

D & O Construction, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801755404)/ Ovi Davenport

Daise Management, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803145439)/ Alfred Daise

Dandridge Consulting TX Corporation (TxSOS Filing Number 803514244) /
    Antonio Jackson

Darrell Antone Photography, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803721696) / Darrell Antone

Dawson Industrial, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803233727)

DB Disposal, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801711216) / Eliza Jass

Dean Darwich Alexander, (Texas State Board of Accountancy License T07097)

Deep South Plastics, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803844003) /
    Laura Sykes & Michael Sykes

Devlin Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803842611) / Jenny Devlin

Display Graphics, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0114670400)

Doudou, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803624846) / Liange Shi

Dow Jones Ventures, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801132130) / Jimmy Jones

Dragon City Farms, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803284362) /

DSI Sewing Maching Supplies, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 16806396418) /
    Lucia Villarrea, Edgar Villarreal, Hugo Villarreal

Alex Davis (Texas Bar Association Card # 24043294)

DTEL CORP. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802318071) / Vivek Papisetty
    Blue Ocean Holding, LLC.
    Lodestar Holdings, LLC.

Duvera Consulting, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803526637) /
    Kimberly Kamel Pratel & Kamile Kuci Prochaska

Educated Foodie, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0804272705) / Yolanda Plear
    Avocado Crack (Assumed Name / DBA) & Yolanda Plear

EHS1, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801970321) / Rosemarie Knorr & Robert Knorr

Elan Technologies, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800729721) /
    Ravi Gottimukkala & Venkateswara Rao Panchumarthi

Ellis Installations / Constance Ellis

Elite Mobile Notary, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803307749) / Tabitha Thomas

Emergent Risk International, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802029858) /
    Meredith Wilson

Empire Electric Co., Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801332568) / Julian Rueda

Empire Welding and Fabrication, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803555545) /
    Araceli Velazquez

Enerphilia USA / Alejandro Alfaro, Aida Alfaro, Alexis Alfaro, Alberto Alfaro

Enerzinx, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803464756) / Anupam Gopal

Epic Awesome Adventures, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803601012) /
    Sara Davison & Jeremy Davison

Equilateral Films, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801939103)

Ermatinger Private Investigations, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802196838) / Jamie Nay


Esteem it Solutions, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802200416)

Etch Brands / Angeline Pruitt

Ether, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802643948)

Excel English Institute (TxSOS Filing Number 0801867571) / Mallous Rohani

Faulkner Design Group, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 123428300) / Adrienne Faulkner

First Quadrant Corporation / Vijay Murugappan

Five Senses Foods, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802053147) /
    Dominic & Susana Mendiola

Flyer Transportation, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803803103) /
    Joshua Borga & Efrem Borga

Fundamental Consulting, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802639113) /
    Mindy Gulati (Texas Bar Association # 24081932)

Genuine Electrical Services (Assumed Name Filed in Galveston County, Texas) /
    Rafael Sanchez & Alexander Reyes-Aleman

GlassCo Commercial, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802476332) / Jacob Velez

GrangerTyler CRS Consulting (Assumed Name Filed in Harris County, Texas) /
    Susan T. Granger-Tyler

Greyline Logistics, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803698605) / Alfonzo Lamont Quarrells

Grimaldo Construction, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 800165376) / Gerardo Grimaldo

GRIT by Brit, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802105445) / Brittani Rettig Wold

GTA Real Estate Fund I, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802471302) /
    Brodrick Norman

G A R M CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, INC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803894737) /
    Marquez Construction & Victor Diaz

HAWAB REGION 6 (U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs) /
    Kojo Xi Shabazz, K’in Way Xi, and Jojo Williams

H Interiors, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802474644) / Holly Frush

H Town Plumbing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802547608) /
    Sebastian Armani & Sandra Armani
    Clinton Maintenance and Plumbing, LLC. (Nevada Charter # E0283422015-2) /
    Sebastian Armani & Sandra Armani

Havron & Associates, LLP. (TxSOS Filing Number 803038234) / Douglas Havron

Health Policy Advocates, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803417629) /
    Rekha Lakshmanan

Horizon Aeromarine, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803819293) / Laura Sammons

Houp & Co., Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801381059) / Michelle Houp

Houston Healthy Hip-Hop / Chris Cortez

HUBF3, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 804159349) / Anna Piccolo

Imaginius, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802967887) / Stephen Walden

Imperial Woodworks, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0016555700)

Incidental Legend, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802552776) / Melinda Hersh

Infinavate Consultancy Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803371296) /
    Maurice O. Hamilton Sr.

InMovements, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803265904) / Jeannette Breen

Innovative Glass & Glazing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803078032)

Inouii Alloy Fabrication, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801824606) / Giovanna Hutchison

Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc. (Kansas Charter Number 2617322) /     Barbara Davison

Integer Telecom Services, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802869024) / Sareena Awla

Integrity HR Management, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802675589)

Intelligent Surveillance Corporation (TxSOS Filing Number 802894670) /
    Stephanie Buschhorn

JackBuilt Constractors, LLC. / Jack R. Elliott & Heather Hardin

Jalem Welding Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802769242) / Yrma Benavidez

J-co Janitorial Supply Co. / John C. Gibson

JMJLP-1, L.P. (TxSOS Filing Number 14399210) / Krystal Porter & Jim Porter

JM & GW Enterprises, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801820926) / Jodie Leamer

JMS Art Studios, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802655468)

JRT Glass and Mirrors, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802671916) / Juan Turcio

JS & K Construction and Consulting, LLC. / Jaime Garcia

JVF Construction Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801637534) /
    Jamie S. Van Fleet

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company Inc.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 0048768200 & 587592-0) / Kenneth Hanson Sr.

Kentech, Inc.

Kenzo Construction, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803730807) /
    Dionne Flora & DeCarlo Nobel

Kenzo Productions (Assumed Name Filed in Harris County, Texas) /
    Saheed Alabi Olaiya

KBG Welding, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803047869) / Ky E. Benford

KKP Staffing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803526637) /
    Kimberly Kamel Pratel & Kamile Kuci Prochaska

Krasamo, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 802616154) / Melissa Amoros Sol & Booyoung Kim

Kumitech, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803466529) / Michael Contorno

L & S Enterprises (Assumed Name Filed in Somervelle Couty, Texas) /
LaQuita R. Allen

Ladiee Marmalade dba Dionysian Essential Oils, Austin, Texas
    Sjolanda Dykes

Lagniappe Educational Services & Tutoring, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803043048) /
    Gretchen Auer

Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801433581) /
    Jacob James Lantz

Legna International Trade, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802350435) / Albeza Alanis

Legends Concrete Pumping / Michael & Ruben Garcia

Lia Lee Home Solutions / Robert Lethridge

Little Learners Literacy Academy (TxSOS Filing Number 803585353) /
    Delilah Gonzales

LM Repair & Maintenance, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 804142428) /
    John Moore & Donya Moore

Locksmith Premier (Assumed Name Filed in Dallas County, Texas) /
    Luis Pacheco

London Art And Design, Inc. / Elizabeth London

Lopez Scrap Metal, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0035645100) / Luis Carlos Loya

Louis & Whitney Management, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802157282) /
    Brady Mont-Louis & Rodney Whitney

Lugedi Construction, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802725493) / Mayel Sifuentes

Lumiscent, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801909751)

Lunsford Door & Service, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0024532900)

Luna Juice Bar (TxSOS Filing Number 0802155958) / Summer Shine

MackBee Films, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803195835)

Mabua Empire, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802113034) / Chinaedu Okwumabua

Mama Bear, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801910575) / Chae Marsh


MBJ Holdings, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 800620965) / Moriah Snargrass

McDaniel Strategy Ecosystems, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802667519) /
    Tracye McDanie

MCT Engineering, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802796688) / Yuan Hung Kuo

MDC Grand Prairie, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803604457) /
    Georgia Rei & Joseph Rei

Metcon Construction, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802916855) / Cedelia Allen

Mildor Industry, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802124948)

Mike Schuller And Associates, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 803129396) /
    Dustin Michael Schuller

Mitchell Packaging, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801164602) / Diann Mitchell

Momentum Auditing & Consulting Services, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802390072) /
    Rosemary Joseph

Mopac Auto Service, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0158188200) / Ahmed Hemeida

Moviynt, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803395076) /
    Vinodkumar Vayalali Nanu, Yaji S. Jayanti
    Mustafa M. Dahadwala, Richard A. Cogdill

MRP, LLC. (Georgia Sec. of State Filing Number 07059296) / Mitesh Patel

Music Access, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800150630) / Tanya Perez

Mysight Innovations (TxSOS Filing Number 803827858) / Bryan Worthen

Natures Essense (TxSOS Filing Number 0804273086) / Shaletra Jordan, DNP, CRNA

Nauti T's Creations, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803166339) / Tisha Gavlik

NEMA Online Signing Solutions & Consultants, LLC.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 803270732) / Melissa Johnson Eldridge

Nerdiva, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802858509) / Mariam Raji

Netflix, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800051838)

New Age Electric, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802240286) / Wesam Hassan

Northern Lights Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803249916)

North American Real Estate Growth Fund, G.P. / Mikadas Dansi Kurban

North Texas Integrity Septic & Pumping, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801851225) /
    Jose Hernandez

NSM, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 803474917) / Vini Gupta

Ntouch Networks, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802398230)

Orbit Capital, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801932965) / Santosh Cividi

Orange Express, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801677670) / Aldo Moreno

Orcutt Designs, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802614072) / Linda Orcutt

Oscar Andujo Co. (TxSOS Filing Number 803657916) / Oscar Andujo

Pam's Catering Company

Paradise Pet Shop, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803678710) / Terence Lomax

Pathfinder Public Affairs, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801575390) / Rene Ramirez

PathTech, Ltd. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800057124)

Peggy Lee Oster Photography / Peggy Lee Oster

Penned Consulting (DBA Filed in Harris County) / Kimberley Monroe & Jody Craze

Perennial Construction & Industrial Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803394285) /
    Renee Balke

PermaLast Building System, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 802178099) /
    dba, PermaLast Coating Systems /
    Javier Rivera & Perla Rivera

Personnel Effects, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801471540) / Allison Brenner

PH Lodging Tomball, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802585544) / Harish Dani

Phi2Pi International Project Development, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803052517) /
    Roberto Lacayo

Pink Chic 21 / Krystle Pleasant

Post and Parcel (TxSOS Filing Number 0803125391)

Pretty Girl Goals, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803462279) / Bievienea Harry

Prime Downhole Manufacturing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802274051) /
    Shawn Housley

Professional Home Health Care, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0160553600) /
    Consolata Bryant

Proper Printshop Productions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801469578) / Alan Hodson

Prosper Coaching Concepts, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802669224) /
    Amanda Hogan

ProSource Industries, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801362809) / Brandon Burgess

Prosthetic One, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802570885) / Marcus Baker

Protective Beauty (DBA Name #20200420060012940 Filed in Collin County, Texas) /
    Canitra LaShae Winrow

Puritan Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802845360) / Chad Jackson

R & D Contracting, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0146464100) / Ramiro Reyes

Rampage Solutions, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 802273016) /
    Manisha Narendra Pagedar

RaveTech Corporation (TxSOS Filing Number 0800126703)

RB Patrols, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802970924) / Ronald Bacon

Redenta's Landscape Design, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802914712) / Lorie Kinler

Renew Your Investment Pressure Washing, LLC. / Julie Jones

Reveles Clinical Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803129451)

Rico Data Systems, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801163884) / Arnold Rico

Rift Title, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803152965) / Jerod Mund

RJ's Express Trucking, Inc. / Rodney Johnson

Rock Paper Scissors, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801374343) / Gabrielle Alvarado

Rocky Duron & Associates, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0109476400) / Rocky Duron

Ronkot Design, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801725671) / Ronak Kothari

Roof Pros Dallas, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801698239) / Nick Partain

Rose Art Works / RoseArtWorks

Ross Enterprises and Investment, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802355277)

Router Technologies, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803709560) /
    Olusola Adun & Tumininu Banwo

RPS Holdings, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0159799200) /
    Pamela & Ronald Bertanzi

Sage IT, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800955767)

Salazar Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801985509) / Jorge Salazar

Scout-About, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803072589) / Sharon Bruce

Sea Cay Charters of Rosenberg, Texas / James L. Shutter

Seaman Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802984062) / Angela Nash

Securum Insurance Solutions, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 803625104) /
    LaShonda Johnson

SeeFAM, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802198739) / Dr. Moses Asom

SEL Contracting Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802473343)

Sevette / Crystal Sevette Kirby
    Crystal Sevette Kirby, Project Manager at CPS Energy (210) 353-4636)

SFL Transporation, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802307590) / Sharon Francois

Shield Security and Training Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803481350) /
    David Johnson & Vincent Stewart

Showcase Total Cleaning & Restoration Services, LLC.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 0802549532)

Skandii MedSpa, PA (TxSOS Filing Number 803165266) / Anna Toker

Skelton Enterprises, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801172875)

Skyblue Utilities, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801394492) /
    Jose Guillermo Rubio Sanchez

Skyler Design Build, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802084994)

Skyline Transportation Corporation (TxSOS Filing Number 802104220) /
    DBA Registration 2016011745 in Guadalupe County / Jesus Gonzalez

Smart Agile Logistics, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803226224) / Uwadiae Osagie

Smith Fire Protection, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803239729) / Lacey Elise Smith

Smooth Handz, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803268499) / Tia Trufant

Something in the Water Cleaning Service
    (Assumed Name Filed in Tarrant County, Texas) / Carrie Mandelin

SprayTek, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803654026) / Jeff Schaberg

Spring Time Contracting, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802416098) / Christina Namaki

Squeece Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802689272) / Florentine Johnigan

Soil-Tech, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801935999) / Patty Klement0803783270

Sorita Enterprises, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801675045) / Mark Lee

Southern Erosion, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803350414) / Salvador Castruita

Staffing International Incorporated (TxSOS Filing Number 0800988173) /
    Naveed & Tatyana Qureshi

Star Sani Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802301161)

Star Luxe Distribution, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803767324) /
    LaShaunda Renee Taylor

Steelhead Tubular, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803660200) / Kathryn Thompson

Steers Enterprise, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803783270) / Ruth Kinyanjui

Stop & Print, Inc. (TxSOS Fiilng Number 0044324800) / Steve DiPuma

Structuneering, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0114536200) /
    Rebecca Long & Harish Namireddy,

Studio Llou, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803295644) / Erin Nies

Superclean Service Company, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 113731400) /
    Xaundelle Cortez, Jerry Downs, Alfiya Pope

Superior Moisture Protection, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802704698) / Michael Pena

Southern Surgical Distributors, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803205482) /
    Wayne John Gonsoulin Jr.

Surveying Equipment Specialist Instruments & Field Supplies / Oralia Meneses

Sunni & Elaine Artist Management, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0156059900) /
    Elaine Moock

Sweet Treats of Texas, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 32072813168 & 32072172276) /
    Lori Beth Ford-Janise & Sarah Elizabeth Cofer

Symphony Placements, LTD. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803091813)

T. Pike, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801026395) / Mitchell Bailey, Jr.

Taylor, Roe, & White, LLC. / Letosha Shepherd

Tech3pro, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800685259) / John Melott

Techesive, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802053102) / Kevin Weiss

TechFin Consulting Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801656860)

Texas Gulf Sales Co., LTD. (TxSOS Filing Number 0012231510) /
    Jose Luis Cardenas Jr.

Texas Lonestar Signs, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802934015)

Texas Tissue Converting, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801966937) / Luis F. Gomez

Texas Wireless Communication, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803623433) /
    Shamrose Ali

The Beauty Clinic - Med Spa, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 801968774) /
    Brenda Wilcox-Harsley

The Empowered Cyber Connection Consultation Group, Inc.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 0802817651) / Pamela E. Bertanz

The A-Bag, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803708016) / Damon Lamont Washington

The T-Bag Company (TxSOS Filing Number 803708016) / Damon Lamont Washington

The Frisco Gift Basket Company (Assumed Name Filed in Denton County, Texas) /
    Melanie Barrios-Jones

The Fusion Resources, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802888401) / Prerana Khanna

The Ikigai Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802999713) / Ally Benoit

The Learner's Edge, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802534255) / Paula Diane Dean

The McGowan Team (TxSOS Filing Number 0801865998) / Michael McGowan

The National Literacy Professional Development Consortium, LLC.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 803585198) / Ingrid Haynes, Ph.D.

The National Literacy Institute
    (TxSOS Filing Number 803585198) / Ingrid Haynes, Ph.D.

The Real Estate Agency of Houston & Enotary Signing Agent Services, LLC.
    (TxSOS Filing Number 803609292) / Pamela Kinney

Tias Cleaning Crew

Tier One Learning Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803691542) /
    James E. Ligon, II

Tindol Energy Group, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803046081) / Kim Tindol

Titan Custom Products, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0156961200) / Felix Soliz

Titanium Interest, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802011818) / Chelby Sanders

TKA Holdings, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0152179500) / Andy Belle

TN Custom Tile Installations, Inc. / Tommy Nguyen

Tony's Wholesale Supply Co. (TxSOS Filing Number 802288487) / Hitesh Amin & Shivan Amin

Trailblazer Sourcing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802330677) / Sharon L. Ortiz

Transcendence, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803108536)

Trecig, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802906128) / Roy Lydell Rucker Sr.

Trentino Wholesaling, LTD. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800614429)

TriDirect Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802579640) /
    Kayla Cordero, LC Marlin III, Quyen Dinh Nguyen, Carlos Cordero

Troops To Truckers Transportation, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802204867)

Truck and Muscle Moving, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 802349123) / Kevin Coleman

Twin Connection Travel, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803080538) /
    Ellen Hightower & Helen Roberson

United IG Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801768360) /
    Angelica Sandoval

Uni-Trade Forwarding, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0700118522) / Eduardo Garza

Unysen Health, Inc. (TxSOS 802432360) / Noel Cyrill

Upward Growth Solutions, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803679639) / Caroline Bernice Liddell, Caryn McGhee Gooden, McGhee Arvie, Carl DeShoan McGhee Jr

Valido Foods, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 802326159) / Ukachi Njoku

Vasquez Consulting Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803198848) /
    Laura Johansson

Vega Milling, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802431824)

Vegan Noms, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801833967) / Allison Catalani

Vertex Roofing, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801371786) / Debra Ramos

Vibrant Imaging, LLC. / Jennifer Estrada

Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803394005) /
    Christian Westbrook

Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC. (California Charter Unknown) / John Davern
    3984 Washington Blvd UNIT 110, Fremont, CA, 94538

Vista Search Group (TxSOS Filing Number 0801518932)

Wajihee Real Estate Services, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802415285) /
    Abdul Husain

Wavecast Technologies, LLC. / Roman Sandoval

West Houston Aerial, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0802995752) / Jodi Cheek

Westward Global, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0801481396) / Westward Global

Whiteley Home Improvement, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0803812944) /
    Dustin Whiteley & Dana Whiteley

Willowbrook EMS Group, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800224362) / Clercy Gaines

Woodard Transport, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803959989) &
    Tarrant County DBA # A220010226) / Leonard Woodard

Woodlands Landscaping, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 0800911891) / Sara Sue Manore

Work Innovators, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803523368) /
    Agharese Aihie & Andrew Aihie

Xtickers Designs, Inc. (TxSOS Filing Number 800206072) / Alfredo Echeverria

Xsail Mechanical A/C & Heating, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 803103754) /
    John Gibson

Yeti Technologies, LLC. (TxSOS Filing Number 801363959) /
   Sushila Adhikari & Basanta Panta

Texas Comptroller
- Debarred Vendor List -

The "Debarred Vendor List" shows companies banned from doing business with the State of Texas.

Texas Comptroller
- Divestment Statute Lists -

"Divestment Statute Lists" details companies with scrutinized business operations.

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
- Debarred Companies List -

The "Debarred Companies List" shows companies or individuals that have been declared ineligible to receive federal contracts, subcontracts, and financial assistance due to violations of law based upon the Central Contractor Registration, Federal Register, Online Representations and Certification Applications, and the Excluded Parties List System.

Dept. of Commerce
- The Entity List -

Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security "The Entity List" details individuals, organizations, and companies reasonably believed to be involved, or to pose a significant risk to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

Dept. of Treasury
Office of Foreign Assets Control
- Sanctions List -

Economic and trade sanctions targeted against foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and other threats to the United States.